Nutrition for Good Health and Disease Prevention


Thorough nutritional assessment including:

  • Complete food diary for analysis and initial questionnaire regarding current health, e-mailed or picked up from consulting rooms of your choice prior to appointment.

  • Review of all body systems.

  • General health assessment.

  • BP, Body Mass Index (BMI), calculated height and weight (if desired).

  • Easy to follow treatment plan.

  • Mutual goal setting to ensure changes can be adapted into lifestyle to ensure success.

  • Recipes to enhance wellness and suit lifestyle.

  • Supplements and minerals prescribed for specific deficiencies if identified.

  • Access to practitioner only supplements saving time and money on low quality vitamins and minerals.

  • Referral to other health disciplines if required.

  • Ongoing support through regular consultations 2-4 weekly to restore and maintain optimal health

  • Fermentation and general cooking classes including:

    • Probiotic beverages-milk and water kefir and kombucha

    • Meat stock which aids digestion and is full of minerals, vitamins, amino acids  and more, in a very bioavailable form.

    • General quick and easy nutritious meals and gluten free alternatives.