Nutrition for Good Health and Disease Prevention

What is Nutrition?

Nutrition is a science that studies food and how it nourishes our body and influences our health. It identifies the processes by which we consume, digest, metabolise and store the nutrients in foods and how these nutrients affect our body.

Achieving nutrition that is right for each individual can help improve health, prevent certain diseases and maintain energy and vitality.

Your Nutritional Medicine completes individual comprehensive assessment through history taking, review of all body systems and food analysis. Mutual goals are set and ongoing support is then provided to achieve these successfully.

Food Choices

Every day you make food choices that may benefit or harm your health. While the impact on a daily basis may only be a little, if those choices are repeated over years and decades, the health impact becomes significant. Food can impair health leading to chronic disease whilst it can also improve health and prevent a wide range of diseases.

Nutritious food provides a range of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and more which are necessary for normal body functions. These essential nutrients are not produced by the human body or not produced in sufficient amounts so choosing the right food is the only way to get them.

Let me guide you through the maze of diet and lifestyle choices to get you to your best health and improve immunity to disease. We will explore heaps of fantastic recipes to provide flavour rich foods you and your family can enjoy. Together we will set achievable goals that suit your lifestyle and empower you in your journey to wellness.